Our world has changed in the last few months, and most of us are looking for answers to 'what next', and finding ways to bring solutions to brands and businesses for growth and success. It's a frightening and unstable period, with small and large enterprises finding themselves in a period of unknown expectation, with no historical reference or experience to guide them.

The Impact Hub, together with Well Branded are female lead businesses that are headed by three women, new mums, based in South Africa and Dubai who are determined to offer resources and opportunity in a very challenging period. Collaborative purpose gave rise to the initiative, and between a strong network of resources and personalities we hope to bring about a concept that offers a platform for strong future growth.

Impactful Branding is a virtual summit taking place from 26 - 28 June, and is aimed at personal and business brands to allow them to learn, share and developing the context of the post pandemic curve. Six webinars across 3 days will take place via an online platform with the goal of understanding the new post crisis world, and how business leaders and entrepreneurs can take learnings from leaders across industries. 

Each webinar feature will be hosted by a member of our team, and will run for 40 - 60 mins. These webinars will evolve organically and focus on an area of business and brand. The digital event is targeted at new business owners, marketing/brand teams and entrepreneurs that would benefit from hearing and learning from a greater global conversation. Our market segmentation is vast - with a majority South African audience (about 50%), along with United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Morocco and Singapore.

Our speaker portfolio varies across industries and draws from a social and lifestyle space of influence, to corporate and business profiles.

The goal of the event is to encourage important conversations and offer opportunities for those at the forefront of innovation and progression through these times, to disseminate and share that knowledge to benefit a wider community.