Who We Are

THE IMPACT HUB was organized around the simple idea that when we collaborate together, we’re at our best. We invite you to be your best self; explore, teach, learn, and grow at our event. There’s truly something for everyone to find valuable.

If you’d like to take the opportunity to join us, send in your RSVP today. If you have any questions, simply give us a call, one of our team members would be happy to help.



Introducing The Impact Hub

Our aim is to inspire more females in the city who are working for a business or owning their own business, and better support their success through our women focused yet gender  inclusive events.

We provide a physical platform where women can connect, inspire and collaborate with each other, and access the resources they need to maximize their self business growth.

Join in on an evenings of inspiring keynotes, engaging panels, and actionable workshops. We're bringing together founders and funders, freelancers and hiring managers, job seekers and cool companies, learners and teachers.

Together, we'll stand on the shoulders of each others' experiences and leapfrog the competition. We'll walk away with new friends, new mentors, and new cofounders—a support system that propels us toward our wildest dreams.


Why We Started

We are two women who met each other and realised how much we could learn from each other and grow together.

Having met many women in business, there is a general competitive air. Often when women do come together it is to unite against a common evil and often takes shape as a protest or standing together against being treated unfairly. Although this is powerful, it is only a glimpse of what women can achieve when they stand together.

We want to facilitate an environment that removes both competition and a scarcity mentality against women in the work place and relationships. We plan to do this by creating immersive experiences that celebrate and empower strong minded women. The Impact Hub is exactly is a place where like minded individuals can come together and support each other in all areas of their lives.

Our events are women focused but not women exclusive. We plan to create an
inclusive space where all genders a can take part in crucial conversations around the upliftment of women.


Get to Know Us

T E H I L A H  S I M A N T O V


Born New York, raised in Jerusalem, Israel, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. A graduate of London International School of Fashion (LISOFF), her early career focused on retail marketing. Fortuitous circumstances led her to the cutting edge field of environmental development, water treatment projects and government energy initiatives. This is the environment in which she gained her most valuable corporate skills: Presentation, negotiation and marketing/ sales.

Whether via travel or sitting over a cup of coffee with a new contact, she is continuously inspired by the eclectic and fluid diversity of South Africa; her people, her myriad cultures, her burgeoning potential.

Recognizing the untapped potential of women, in 2018 she became an active women of Future Females and ultimately served as a mentoring Ambassador. This cemented her belief that, given both professional tools and
employment opportunities, women can achieve previously unimagined success. She encourages and mentors her charges to reach beyond respective comfort zones and risk/dare to achieve beyond their dreams. Success begets success and her excitement in witnessing instances of self-fulfillment never grows stale. Indeed, it is humbling.

Her networking business is based on candor and communication. Shaking hands, making eye contact and an honest desire to - more than anything - listen, delivers results that change lives.
Believing that goals are, merely, ‘dreams with deadlines,’ she supports female entrepreneurs to keep alive their
exciting visions while, concurrently, honing their crafts and connecting with both people and outlets that foster realistic outcomes.



Nicole is Survivor SA S7 runner-up and Mrs South Africa 2018. As a serial entrepreneur, Nicole is the CEO and Editor in chief of Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa, having made the transition into strategic marketing and events from a background as a functional medicine pharmacist.

With a passion for making a difference in peoples lives she co-founded  Uprising – an organisation that takes others on transformational journeys, helping fellow explorers find their strengths, celebrate them and realise their full potential. She is also a mom of two and is also a model, presenter, and ambassador for Rare Diseases SA.

She is never too precious with her reputation, allowing her to have open difficult conversations over grey areas and fine lines. She believes that starting those conversions and airing all opinions we will be able to create change for the better.

Nicole lives to celebrate freedom, authenticity and collaboration.